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Your Expert for Care and Maintenance

teamtischer offers tailor-made solutions for maintenance and repair. We take care of your buildings, systems, installations, and appliances – from ceiling to floor, from wall to window, and from individual furniture to customer or production space. We maintain everything that needs to be taken care of. And we can fix everything that could get broken.

Services are divided into two areas. First, we offer preventive maintenance for planned, regular upkeep. This includes care, service, maintenance, and value retention of devices, furniture, or equipment, with the aim to prevent failures and damage. Preventive maintenance is carried out individually and according to clear maintenance agreements. Each client determines when and how escalations take place; for example, in which instance a device should be replaced instead of repaired, and when external experts should be consulted.

Second, we offer acute interventions if breakdowns and damages occur. Here, we react to plant and equipment failures, and ensure that operations get back up and running as quickly as possible. In this way, we help our clients prevent revenue losses. Here, too, each client determines the course of the intervention in an individual intervention agreement; for example, how long the reaction time to a damage report will be.