Amplifon in Muri

In a Listening Booth,
One Should Hear Nothing

Amplifon is an internationally renowned name. As the market leader in the field of hearing consulting in Switzerland, Amplifon is constantly growing. For years, the company had relied on an experienced team of architects and craftsmen for any expansion, and was very satisfied with their performance. Because one shouldn't "put all one’s eggs in one basket," Amplifon decided to go with teamtischer in Muri.

As a "newcomer" to the hearing aid industry, teamtischer had to find out exactly what Amplifon's needs and specifications were. Several conversations and visits to various stores later, teamtischer was able to present an attractive visualization of the store in Muri. After submitting an offer, clarifying everything with building authorities, and obtaining the building permit, teamtischer was allowed to accompany the construction as general contractor, coordinating all trades and carrying out the extensions. Today, Amplifon Muri presents itself as a modern, bright, and pleasant store. And according to Amplifon, the listening booth in which tests with customers are carried out is, from acoustic point of view, one of their best.