Starbucks RailCity Zurich

The First
On-Off Construction Site

From "brush-ups" to total renovations, we have carried out Starbucks projects of all types and scales. Despite a relatively small area, the renovation of the very busy RailCity of Zurich’s main railway station involved a few extraordinary challenges. Among other things, our team had to consider the changed specifications of the new air conditioning and refrigeration systems. In performing necessary exploratory drilling, in a structurally demanding environment, we achieved a breakthrough to the upper floor immediately and within a millimeter of accuracy.

To ensure that Starbucks didn’t miss the profitable morning hours in the station, teamtischer suggested a clever "on-off construction site" idea that the client almost didn’t dare believe. The construction equipment was removed every night at midnight. Between 5:30 and 9:30 a.m., the store opened for customers, and afterwards, our construction team took over again. This elaborate on-off principle experienced its first crucial test and proved to be entirely feasible.