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Our Team – Strong Together

A dedicated team, diversified in terms of training and experience, is the key to the success of teamtischer. In our team, we live by the same values that we extend to our clients, partners and suppliers where we foster collaborative partnerships. As a team, we form a well-rehearsed core.

Our multilingualism enables us to address and serve the Swiss market as well as international customers. If required, we strengthen our team with partners and experts from our large network. This makes us effective and efficient and ensures quality and professionalism.

Ramona Bellaggio
Interior Designer,
Owner Umbauatelier LLC

With her harmonious interior designs, Ramona breathes life into our projects. She is a self-employed interior designer with years of experience and an excellent eye for colors and materials. Ramona invariably produces, as if by magic, amazing ideas for an optimal room layout or the right lighting.

Daniel Corrêa
Project & Construction Manager

After studying architecture, Daniel worked for more than ten years as a project and construction manager. He carried out countless projects for well-known brands throughout Switzerland. Daniel, a family man, is a creative problem solver, loves attention to detail and communication with customers. A big fan, former player and coach of American football, he is now a referee in the Swiss Football Association.

Radoslav Djordjevic
Project & Construction Manager

With decades of experience in building and interior design as a construction manager and a certified technician, Radoslav is very much at home in the construction industry. He shines in diverse projects with his skills, and his friendly yet assertive attitude.

Sarah Engler
Interior Designer HF,
Owner of formgebung LLC

Sarah is the aesthetic soul of our team. She develops store concepts and interior designs, generates floor plan variants, and creates well thought-out furniture for points of sale. In addition to being a creative engine of teamtischer, Sarah also works on exciting projects with her own company, formgebung LLC.

Silvan Falkenberg
Project & Construction Manager

As a certified civil engineer with a Swiss Federal Diploma of Higher Education, Silvan strengthens our team with his valuable titles and his many years of experience and great practical knowledge. Customer- and solution-oriented, and resilient even in crisis situations, Silvan manages our building construction projects efficiently and successfully.

Jessica Fischer
Managing Director, Romandy

Jessica is the managing director of teamtischer Romandy and is in charge of our Lausanne office. Jessica completed her architecture studies in Constance, Germany, and has many years of experience as an architect and project manager, with a focus on shop fitting. Together with her team, Jessica primarily supports our clients in the French-speaking part of Switzerland.

David Frei
Construction Manager, Carpenter

David is the versatile professional of our team, with experience as an independent carpenter and in trade-fair construction. As our Fitter Supervisor, David is responsible for assembly assignments and, when required, prepares plans and construction drawings. He solves even the most challenging tasks competently and efficiently.

Karin Frei

Creative and with skillful hands, Karin is irreplaceable when it comes to decorative aspects. Her artistic spectrum extends from flower bouquets to curtains; from signage to cutting boards. And, when required, she supports her husband David with assembly

Kaspar Ganz

As a trained expert in recycling, Kaspar is used to getting down to business. He is never afraid to enter unknown territory. For Kaspar, it’s no problem to assemble a weighty metal part, remove an old linoleum floor, or place a heavy-duty concrete dowel.

Dominik Hug
CEO, Owner 

As a founding father, Dominik is the strategic brain of the company. Tireless, communicative, and full of ideas, Dominik challenges and promotes team members, partners, and suppliers. Well-networked and always solution-oriented, Dominik is always engaged with actively supporting our clients.

Geraldine Hug
Social Media & Website

Barely finished and photographed, our projects are already online. This is thanks to our good fairy, Geraldine, without whom our successes would be relegated to an analog existence. Lovingly and reliably, Geraldine ensures that bytes and pixels become meaningful social media and website content, and that our online presence is just as professional as in real life.

Jeannette Hug-Hess
Backoffice, Accounting

With Jeannette, financial administration is in the best of hands. Whether dealing with creditors or debtors, and credit card statements or expenses, Jeannette has everything under control. She manages to triumph over these challenges, which are not always easy. One of the secrets to her success is the fact that she knows our boss and his demands very well.

Gabriela Ihssen-Jones
Head of Administration

Fluent in German, Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian, and French, as well as experienced in purchasing, sales, and administration, Gabriela is the perfect Head of Administration and the right hand to our CEO. With a flair for process efficiency and professional communication, Gabriela is the calming influence in the team and just the person to take the burden off the boss’s shoulders.

Beni Kolb
Project & Construction Manager

Beni, despite his young age, is the construction force of the team. Thanks to his basic technical training, advanced training, and deep project experience, Beni is highly qualified, well-versed, and creative in both project and construction management.

Simon Mermod
Construction Manager, Carpenter

Simon is our top craftsman. In addition to his work as a self-employed carpenter, he is our chief fitter, and often acts as a site manager. Technically competent and very well networked, Simon organizes assembly teams, and takes responsibility for the quality on site.

Cyrill Reck
Senior Project Manager, Wood

Cyrill is our "wooden" competence. He is the owner of our partner company, Dexpo Ltd., and is our valuable consultant and sparring partner for creation and development. Cyrill’s extensive experience in carpentry lays the foundation for the quality of our woodwork. As a senior project manager, Cyrill also provides direct support to our clients.

Simi Simonett

A sophisticated craftsman, Simi can truly do it all. One day, he patinates the walls of a ski restaurant in St. Moritz; the next day, he completely rebuilds a loft in Baden. On top of that, he has a “second profession” as a photographer. Simon supports us with rollouts and assembly.

Daniel Troxler
Senior Project Manager

At home in many areas, and usually thinking a little further ahead, Daniel draws from a wealth of experience gained from his numerous jobs and projects. He is our team's communicator and troubleshooter. As a project manager, Daniel is proactive, and always has a solution ready.

Christian van Oordt
Fitter, Carpenter

Craftsmanship, technology, design, and logistics; that's how versatile Christian van Oordt's expertise is. As an expert carpenter with a broad background in consulting and planning, Christian provides valuable support for our team in complex assembly projects.

Kurt Zeltner
Project & Construction Manager, Concept & Design

Our project manager Kurt Zeltner started his professional career as a 3D polydesigner at Pfister, Manor, and as head of decoration at Loeb, among others. After that, he worked successfully for more than 20 years – self-employed and in management positions – at renowned consulting and shopfitting companies. teamtischer benefits from the fact that conception and staging of retail spaces are part of his DNA.

Ayro von Jumas Paradise
Security, Social Affairs

Ayro is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, the smallest of the six retriever types. Like all retrievers, he loves food, and can often be a naughty guy. In between, however, he can also be a real "big baby" and a “fraidy-cat”. By the way, Ayro celebrates his birthday on the same day as our CEO.